Final Idea

Ok, so… I’ve ruled out quite a few of the previous design ideas for various reasons, but I think I have decided that I’m going to create a set of three books that shows the Past, Present and Future of language change.

The Past book will highlight the changes that happened in our history, and how they effected how we use language.

The Present book will show how language is changing currently, new words creeping into our dictionary, abbreviations etc.

The Future book will give a small insight into how we MIGHT use our language, obviously this can’t be definite, but I will show example that language will change again.

Each of these will be bound in a small book form, perhaps A5 or A6, but they will somehow fit together to form one book, perhaps a little folder, or a wrap around cover for them all. This is where I am at with my research. Getting there slowly!


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